Drew Hemment on Fri, 16 Jul 2010 18:34:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> New Mobilities at Eyebeam and NextFab Studio


This Week - New Mobilities at Eyebeam (New York) and NextFab (Philadelphia) 

New Mobilities is a theme of the FutureEverything 2011 festival developed by FutureEverything and ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University.

Drew Hemment is an Honorary Resident at Eyebeam, and will be presenting an Eyebeam ReBlog session and a talk/workshop at NextFab Studio hosted by Breadboard and mCenter@Drexel.

Eyebeam ReBlog
12-19 July 2010

NextFab Studio
16 July 2010, 1730-1900

Seeking new approaches to the mobility of people, media and things, by artists, designers, hackers, engineers, thinkers, shakers and movers.

For one week I will be reblogging interesting projects and ideas giving a different perspective on mobility. I will be doing a workshop Friday in Philadelphia on using the FutureEverything festival as a living lab for smart transport. 

I am looking for existing projects / work in progress / RND I can reblog on the Eyebeam website, plus ideas and proposals for the FutureEverything 2010 festival, a living lab for devising, testing and playing.

Email: Drew Hemment <newmobilities@futureeverything.org>

If it moves, I will reblog it.

Smart transport
Dumb transport
Slow mobilities
Outsider sports
Immobile media
Disabilities abilities
Perpetual motion
Post gravity 

View online: http://futureeverything.org/news/newmobilitiesinjuly

New Mobilities is a project by FutureEverything and ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University.

The New Mobilities reblog session at Eyebeam is a collaboration between FutureEverything, Lancaster University and Eyebeam.

The Philadelphia event is presented by Breadboard, mCenter@Drexel and NextFab Studio.

Drew Hemment is an Honorary Resident at Eyebeam, Director of FutureEverything, and Associate Director of ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University.

FutureEverything 2011 takes place in Manchester England on 11-14 May 2011.

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