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<nettime-ann> grey) (area ::: Dmitry Gelfand / Evelina Domnitch: Sonolevitation


Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch: Sonolevitation

grey) (area - space of contemporary and media art, KorÄula, Croatia

07 - 16 . 07 . 2010

opening Wednesday 7th July 21 h

Gelfand and Domnitch investigate wave phenomena to uncover the ephemeral workings of perception. They create performances and installationsthat exist solely as sensorial phenomena in constant flux. Their work entitled Sonolevitation features a 15 kHz standing wave generated between a transducer and a reflective surface. The sound creates focused pressure fields strong enough to enable levitation. Slivers of gold leaf are suspended in the air, and their disturbance of the standing wave creates the performance.

The authors will perform the work for a maximum audience of three persons at a time.

Dmitry Gelfand and Evelina Domnitch: http://www.portablepalace.com/


grey) (area is located 10 meters by the sea in the basement of The Memorial Collection of Maksimilijan Vanka . Put sv. Nikole 7 . Korcula

open daily 21 - 22 h or by appointment
free entrance

contact: Darko Fritz (curator) darko@darkofritz.net / tel +31 [0] 91.5800193

under construction: http://www.grey-area.org

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