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<nettime-ann> FLAG METAMORPHOSES - Exhibition at HALLE ZEHN in Cologne / Köln, Germany

Invitation to a short, but large media art exhibition:



Exhibition / video art installation  at HALLE ZEHN  in Cologne (Köln), Germany.

April 16th till 18th, 2010, the project FLAG METAMORPHOSES by Dusseldorf based artist Myriam Thyes will be installed as 10 video projections onto 10 walls in the whole exhibition hall HALLE ZEHN in Cologne.

Opening: Friday, April 16th: 6 till 11pm.  Talk between Barbara Hofmann-Johnson and Myriam Thyes: 7pm.
Saturday, April 17th: noon till 11pm. 
Sunday, April 18th: noon till 8pm.

For the first time in Germany, FLAG METAMORPHOSES will be exhibited as a multi-screen installation. You will experience the real dimensions of this long term digital art project through its large exposure. Each of the ten projections will show 2 to 4 of the 34 animations, looping. From the middle of the hall, visitors will see several animations at the same time. Remaining in front of each screen for 5 to 10 minutes, they can watch all animations. During screening times, Myriam Thyes and participating artists will be present at HALLE ZEHN to talk to interested visitors.

is a participatory art project - a continuously growing series of animations with many authors: The flags of every nation in the world will transform into each other through flash animations. Between each two flags, scenes appear to show an aspect of the relations between the two countries - an exploration into the meaning of imagery on flags, aiming to create interrelated associations through questioning, reassessing, fluidizing and re-mixing of diverse national iconography. Each artist who creates a flag animation expresses such a relation in his/her own way. FLAG METAMORPHOSES lays stress on the relations between nations as changing ones: Only in the permanent re-creation of values, symbols, and ways of life, in mixing with others and differing from others, cultures stay alive. Symbols of identities become elements of dialogues.

The series FLAG METAMORPHOSES is still growing and consists of 34 animations (52 min.) by the following artists so far:
Stacy Averill (US), Norbert Attard (MT), Peter Chanthanakone (CA), Christoph Frei (CH), Tomoaki Goto (US), Rona Innes (UK), Chris Joseph (CA), Anke Landschreiber (DE), Jorge Lara + Israel Reyna Tello (MX), Sonya Mansour (US), Deanna Morse + animation class (US), Monika Oechsler (UK), Ajdin Pajevic (DE / BiH), Irena Paskali (MK), Max Pohlenz (DE), Joanna Priestley (US), Natalieann Rich (US), Barry L. Roshto (DE), Amir Scheulen + Frank Köhnen (DE), Alex Schneider (US), Katherine Sweetman (US), Nicola Tauscher (DE / KR), Myriam Thyes (DE / CH), Slobodan Tomic (HR)



CAP Cologne e.V.
Xantener Str. Tor 4
50733 Köln


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