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<nettime-ann> +++ Boston Super-Meetup & Barcamp +++


+++ Boston Super-Meetup & Barcamp +++

Monday, April 5th, 

12pm - 4pm

@ Bocoup Loft 

319 A St South, Boston, MA 02210

Map & Directions: http://loft.bocoup.com/

Open discussion barcamp event inviting meetup & user groups in Boston to overcome the alienation of specialties & explore the patch panel of skills & technologies that contribute towards great video, audio and code-based design.  The super-meet promotes healthy cross-pollination for a creative industry that regularly celebrates our diversity. The event is an open-discussion barcamp for designers, artists and programmers to have an interactive, collaborative environment to begin and innovate next-gen visual-audio projects. Together, we can be the future.

Participating groups include:

Boston Motion Graphics

Boston Final Cut Pro Users Group

Bocoup Hack-space

Boston PHP Meetup

Upgrade! Boston

Boston jQuery  

The Boston _javascript_ Meetup Group

Boston Anime & Japanese Film Meetup Group

Boston Web Design Meetup Group

Glitch Night VJ Group

Nettime : International Arts Activism
And More...

For full festival informationhttp://mgfest.com/

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