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<nettime-ann> Contempoorary arts galaxy featuring the Middle Eastern creators

Contempoorary arts galaxy featuring the Middle Eastern creators living both in the region and the Corporate Diaspora

Serhat Köksal ( 2/5BZ ) Bidoun Interview: An Example in Cultural Pipeline Dialogue

Under the ever stiffening wind of, Bidoun, in its last issue, has hooked up with wider distribution channels in Turkey, in an effort to increase its sales. In fact, in this last issue, it becomes more apparent that Bidoun is “filling the gaping hole in the arts and culture coverage of the Middle East and its Diaspora” through pandering to the needs of capital spooning with oil money, co-opting local panderers and new commodities, and turning the arts and culture of the Middle East into a mere decorative element with local flavors for the capital. Contempoorary art’s these dialogue fetishist, smart and intellectual panderers, are turning the nouveau-riche,  wanna-be neo-ottomans in commerce, and their Middle Eastern counterparts, as well as the well-educated new minds into willing customers for the new operations of capital in the region. They asked him well-put questions, and he has answered. At least, he is publishing them here.

Microcrediting Art: Artist Pension Trust Received Mohammed Yunus Prize
This year’s highly acclaimed Mohammad Yunus Prize went to Artist Pension Trust for its endeavors in fighting artists’ poverty.

The Trust aims at teaching  “how to fish” through microfinancing art, especially designed for the buyer’s market.
Yet, as the Artist Pension Trust defines itself as an investment fund, and its degree of vulnerability to global crisis, causes anxiety in financial circles.
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