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<nettime-ann> .: For Release: Television & Internet Collide at Boston MGFest, April 1st-5th

For Immediate Release:
Television & Internet Collide at Boston Motion Graphics Festival
March 15th, 2010

Cambridge, MA --- Tuesday, at their annual MIX conference in Las
Vegas, Microsoft announced  it's support for jQuery, an open source
competitor to Adobe's Flash that creates animated interfaces for
both web and mobile platforms.

On Thursday Google announced a partnership with Intel and
Sony to create a new generation of internet-driven, set-top devices,
called Google TV.

From April 1st through 5th, the Boston Motion Graphics Festival
explores the convergence of traditional media and new media.
MGFest is the premier creative conference for motion design,
visual effects, sound design and interface technology, presenting
a wide array of events including: art showcases,workshops, panel
discussions, theater screenings and industry mixers.

Web animation workshops are paired with live video performances,
as the festival explores how traditional story-telling techniques can
be carried forward by the newest in video display and manipulation

Featured artists include: The Mill, Dvein, Pleix, Psyop, Herzog &
De Meuron, Three Legged Legs, Jean-Paul Frenay, Yoshi Sodeoka,
Alan Sondheim, Addictive TV, Warp Records, The Crystal Method,
Royksopp, Assassin's Creed 2, LucasArts, N.A.S.A., Larry Carlson,
Ken Adams, Jen Stark, Shantell Martin and many more.

The Boston Motion Design Conference on Friday, April 2nd is a
full-day conference featuring presenters from AVID, Fox, MIT,
School of the Art Institute of Chicago and more.

Friday night's Best of 2009 screening by Stash DVD Magazine
highlights music videos, virals, short films, commercials,
broadcast designs and game cinematics from top-tier studios
across the world.  Following the conference on Saturday, April 3rd,
are two days of workshops on animating with Adobe Flash, jQuery,
and Adobe After Effects.

Then Saturday night's performance by Z.E.E. in the 2012 Lounge at
Machine features a completely integrated audio + video live
performance set. The visuals are rendered in realtime, seamlessly
spread across 3 full-HD resolution projections. The entire evening
experience brought to you by Zebbler, Vermin Street and MGFest.

Boston MGFest Schedule >>

Boston MGFest Tickets & Registration >>

~ MGFest 2010 :: Year-long Call for Entry :: Motion + Sound + Code ~

--- Send us your finest minutes, your dreams realized, your
fictions animated, your adventures recorded, your sweat and
passion woven into something of beauty, and we will take it to
audiences across the country and then the world. Selections will
be screened and showcased during the 6th annual Motion Graphics
Festival tour.

MGFest accepts entries from all over the world and online
submissions are accepted throughout the year.

Call for Entry Guidelines + Entry Form >>
// Motion Graphics Festival

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