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<nettime-ann> [MAD] Invitation Upgrade! Eindhoven Sunday 14 March TAC

Tetsu Kondo (Japan)
Sunday 14 March, 20:00 pm – 22:30 pm
(doors open 19:30)

Temporary Art Centre
Eindhoven The Netherlands

The next Upgrade! Eindhoven presents Albert van Abbe and MAD Artist in Residence, Tetsu Kondo discussing Kondo’s work and vision. Kondo is an artist, musician and researcher whose work includes drawing, installations and musical instrument design. He is currently teaching at Tokyo Polytechnic University.

Kondo will also demonstrate his Dendraw, a software instrument he developed, that transforms the beauty of visual programming into live interactive sound performances. The Dendraw generates specific sine waves depending on screen position. The Dendraw concept is inspired by acoustic string instruments such as the guitar and violin. The Dendraw consists of 5-circular strings which generate tones as Kondo slides its points in the screen, sometimes creating harmonies with certain movements.

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MAD emergent art center
T. +31 (0) 40 2133032
P.O.-Box 6118
5600 HC Eindhoven
The Netherlands

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