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<nettime-ann> Pictoplasma Newsletter - March 2010

Title: Pictoplasma Newsletter - March 10

March, 2010

It's as if you could almost touch it: in just one month the Pictoplasma 2010 Festival will materialise for a full weekend of graspable, palatable and multi-dimensional characters, so it's now or never to fill the last gaps of what to expect. You all should have marked April 9 and 10 in your calendars and be aware of most of the Festival's ingredients, but here's more: Two new great speakers have been added to the impressive line-up of presenting artists.

Melbourne based designer, musician, and film director Jeremy Dower will join us for a demonstration of his eery creatures inhabiting the third dimension. Dower used to push pixels for the computer games industry, before he shifted to personal work as a multimedia artist. His digital images playfully explore the aesthetics of the medium while bringing uncanny life to the characters - and teasingly pausing the process at the brink of its appearance.


Currently on maternity leave, Nina Braun has agreed to take the festival's stage for a presentation of her tactile picture-tableaus, sculptures, costumes and knitted installations. Starting off with her own skateboard clothing company over a decade ago, her exhibition of hand-knitted sneakers propelled her work into a fine art context, which she continuously awes with iconic worm-like creatures full of irresistible seductive appeal.


Meanwhile we are almost done sorting through a mountain of entries to compile an amazing program of character driven animation, with selected work ranging from music videos in which harmless fruit overdoses at an underground rave, motion shorts depicting secret experiments on musically inclined mammals or epic narratives about pixels trying to escape their daily routine ... and everything possible in-between!


4 weeks is still a long time to go, you say? Be warned: As online festival pass registrations are steadily pouring in, the limited seats available at the real-life venue are continuously filling up, so you shouldn't allow your choice to be a last second one. There will be a reasonable amount of single-slot tickets available directly at the venue, but if you are more of the hassle-free, 100% relaxed festival pass type, now is the time to snap into action. It's the only way to know for sure that you have secured instant access to all of the event's lectures, screenings and presentations.

And yes, 3D stereoscopic glasses are included!

Excitedly counting the remaining days,

peter and lars

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