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<nettime-ann> Mobilefest 2010 - Call for Papers, Projects, Prototypes and Products, Solutions and Mobile Applications.

V MOBILEFEST 2010 - International Festival of Mobile Creativity

Call for Papers, Projects, Prototypes and Products, Solutions and
Mobile Applications.
(Submission is valid for all Mobilefest editions in 2010: April 15th
to 18th, Sao Paulo + May 17th to 21st, Rio de Janeiro)

How can mobile technology contribute to democracy, culture, art,
environment, peace, education, health and the Third Sector?

3g, mobile applications, interactive architecture, electronic art,
mobile activism, bluetooth, cyber culture, live cinema, mociology,
culture, democracy, inclusion design, ecology, education, d-i-y, gprs,
gps, LBS, innovation, mobile and wireless games, lbs, locative,
geotagging, electronic music, mobile music, m-health,_m-payment,
m-gov, mobile narrative, peace, interactive net performances with
mobile and wireless devices, interchange, video production and
distribution, augmented reality, open wireless, mesh, social nets,
rfid, expanded classroom, health, sms, mobile streaming, wearable
technolgies, tendencies, third-sector, citizen video, video call, TV
on mobile, wi-fi, wi-max, zigbee, etc.

This seminar attracts leading academics, researchers and other
serious-minded people engaged in the pursuit of knowledge related to
mobile technology. Mobilefest seeks papers for live presentation. For
the participation at the exhibition with interactive installations,
performances or urban interventions send a detailed technical rider:
installation plan, photos, video and complete description.

Activism, art and technology, democracy, digital divide, ecology and
e-waste, games and behavior, inclusive design, innovation, locative
media, licensing, m-government, m-learning, mobile art, mobile
marketing, mobile music, network culture, new forms of distribution,
performance, rfid, video mobile production, wearable technology,
wireless cities.

Papers should be of an academic or serious research nature. Papers
should address current topics of direct relevance to Mobilefest's
theme. Abstracts should be at least 500 words. Final papers should be
at least 1000 words long, and authors should be prepared to deliver a
presentation limited to 30 minutes.

Papers may be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English. Abstracts and
final papers should be sent as email attachments in .TXT, .RTF, .DOC
or PDF format. Presentations must be delivered in Portuguese or
English. Presentations will be limited to 30 minutes total.

Abstracts must be received no later than 31st March 2010. Abstracts
will be selected for presentation by 5th April 2010. Notification will
be made via this website, as well as to the applicant's listed contact

Registration must be received by 31st March 2010. Please submit the
following information via email to

Author's Full name:
Email address:
Optional 2nd email address:
Postal address:
Postal Code:
Landline telephone number:
Mobile number:

Please mark in which Mobilefest you'd like to present your work:

____Sao Paulo
____Rio de Janeiro

Abstract Category (Please mark all that apply):
____Third Sector
____All **

MOBILEFEST is a transdisciplinary event. The more interconnection of
information, the better.

Short biography of principal author:

Abstract (minimum 500 words):
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