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<nettime-ann> Call: Astronomy, Lunacies and Ends of the World, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Open Call - please distribute widely.

*Astronomy, Lunacies and Ends of the World, Leonardo Electronic Almanac*

In many mythologies, celestial events connect to the earth and the
fates of human civilizations.

We know that catastrophic collisions of asteroids with the earth have
had large effects on the evolution of the web of life on this planet.
Such collisions will occur again in the future.

Solar variability, and the variations in the orbit of the earth, have
driven long term climate variations on the earth. The sun, when it has
exhausted its nuclear fuel, will swell and envelope the earth.

We know that the human civilization now imposes an unsustainable
burden on the planet as ecosystem. Are we fated to disappear in a
hot-house like the planet Venus?

The Astronomy, Lunacies and Ends of the World issue of LEA, in
preparation for 2012, is an interdisciplinary issue opened to
historical and sociological analysis, astronomical insights, ways that
the universe connects to life on earth, artists dealing with the
heavens or the cataclysmic end of the world, the search for extra
terrestrial life and intelligence and human migration off the planet.

Astronomy, Lunacies and Ends of the World will analyze the role played
by astronomy and earth sciences in the arts and sciences, but more
importantly in shaping sociological relations, mass behaviors and
hysteria that are at times inspiration for new artistic practices or
scientific rigor.

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