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<nettime-ann> Call for participation Rossobastardo Live 2010 A space for new creative talents- Spoleto, Italy

Dear friends,
with pleasure we send you the CALL FOR PARTICIPATION in the 2nd editon of
ROSSOBASTARDO LIVE 2010, a space for the new creative talents, which will
take place in Spoleto during the Spoleto 53-Festival of 2Mondi from 18 June
to 4 July. Deadline: 29 March 2010

ROSSOBASTARDO LIVE promotes the work of young and innovative artists,
providing a creative international environment where to meet people,
experience interesting and exciting arts, exchange ideas, spend time and

The present CALL FOR PARTICIPATION is open to all artists theatre and dance
companies, street and urban artists, bands, musicians, video makers, DJs,
VJs, performers, dancers, visual artists,  interested in presenting their
artistic work within the program of Rossobastardo Live, an artistic event
promoted by Spoleto 53-Festival dei 2Mondi.
Among the proposals received before the deadline (29 March 2010), the
artistic committee will select the performances and artists that will become
part of the RossobastardoLive 2010, which will take place in non
conventional spaces of different dimensions and typology, at the same time
as the Spoleto 53-Festival dei 2 Mondi. (18 June ­ 4 july)
Rossobastardo Live 2010 includes the following sections:
PERFORMANCES: - Theater, Dance, Music, Street and urban performances, Site
specific performances,
LIVE ARTS: - Cabaret, Stand up Comedy, Magic Acts, Spoken words, DJ/VJ,
VISUAL ARTS: - Painting, Sculpture, Installations, Photography, Videoart,

-   Performances in short: presentation of short films related to
performances (theater, dance, music and visual arts) and/or performances
born from video and film projects.
-  CINEMA SOLUBILE: a game/competition for video artists and film makers,
during which 11 artists (Film and Video Makers) will create a short film
during 24 hours.
Behind the Scene - Volunteers
Those interested in experiencing RossobastardoLive 2010 from ³behind the
scenes², can send a request to join as volunteers collaborators, helping the
organization, production and promotion of this event in different ways.
During RossobastardoLive 2010 few prizes will be assigned to the
participating artists:
- Grand Prix RossobastardoLive, assigned to the best artistic project among
all different presented during the Rossobastardo Live 2010, by the
RossobastardoLive artistic committee;
- Audience Award, assigned to the artistic project most voted by the
audience, based on the results of audience surveys collected at the end of
each performance and also online though the blog/website <>
for updates or additional information:
Please, feel free to forward to your friends! See you soon
Rossobastardo Live 2010
a project created and supported by:  SIGNAE Cantine Cesarini Sartori
organized with the collaboration of: Offucina Eclectic Arts
promoted by: Spoleto 53-Festival dei 2Mondi
supported by: Comune di Spoleto

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