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<nettime-ann> International Call until March 5. Image Festival- Colombia 2010.

International Image Festival / Colombia.
April 13-17/ 2010
Call for participating on the Media Art Monographic Show open until March
5, 2010.

We invited you to participate in the biggest Festival in Colombia, of new
media art and design.

The International Image Festival, conducted by the Department of Visual
Design of University of Caldas, Manizales (Colombia), is a meeting and
debate space on issues related to electronic arts, digital audiovisual
creation, digital and electro-acoustic sound, and rising relationships
among art, design, science and technology.
The Ninth International Image Festival will be held from April 13 to 17,
2010 and will develop the following activities:

International Seminar / Soundscapes / Cinema (and) Digital Workshops /
Exhibitions / Special Events / Presentation Design and Creation Ph.D
University of Caldas.


1) VI Monographic Show of Media Art / This international call has the
purpose of encourages the creation related to technology and favors the
communication between technology developers and audiovisual creators.
Besides, the Show promotes the production and exhibition of telematic and
collaborative developments.
The submissions for proposals until March 5th 2010.
More info.

2) Third Sonorous Bridges - Digital Catenary / International call for
realization of electroacoustic pieces.
The International Image Festival, in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts
of the University Nacional of Colombia (Bogotá Campus), the University
Nacional of Cordoba (Argentina), and the Orchestra of Chaos (Barcelona,
Spain), call for all the creators who wish to contribute with sounds
related to (in one or another way) ideas of information and knowledge
transmission, and dialogue in constant establishment.
More info.

For any information please contact.  /
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