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<nettime-ann> Call for collaborators: PlayLab: Experimentation with Video Games



Plaza de las Letras

C/ Alameda, 15 Â 28014 Madrid
+34 913 692 303
M - V: 10h - 20h
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Call for collaborators for the workshop
PlayLab: Laboratory of Experimentation with Video Games

Deadline for registrations: January 20, 2010

Venue: Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain)

Call for collaborators for the development of selected projects fo the Playlab: laboratory of experimentation with videogames workshop, that takes place in January 21 - 24 and February 4 - 7, 2010.

Collaborators can join any of the developing teams that will carry out the selected proposals, depending on their particular interests and skills, thus contributing with their knowledge and skills and at the same time learning from the other group members and from the leading tutors: Mar Canet, Antonin Fourneau, and Abelardo Gil-Fournier. Directed by Flavio Escribano.

What is PlayLab?
PlayLab aims to explore the context of games and video games as a space for creativity, experimentation, learning and reflection. Selected projects aim to experiment with tangible interfaces, real objects as elements of a virtual game, board games with augmented reality, interactive sound spaces, viral games, etc.

The workshop includes lectures by Mar Canet: "The video game is a laboratory" (Thursday, January 21 at 7:30pm) and Abelardo Gil-Fournier: "Events. The game condition on the news" (Thursday, February 4 at 7:30pm).

More information and guidelines:
playlab (at)

In collaboration with Arsgames. With the support of PlayStationÂ


Plaza de las Letras
Calle Alameda, 15
28014 Madrid

Nerea GarcÃa Garmendia
ComunicaciÃn / Press
Ãrea de Las Artes, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Plaza de las Letras
Alameda, 15 28014 Madrid
Tfno. +34 914 202 754

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