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<nettime-ann> 2010 Artcontext Calendar


The 2010 edition of the Artcontext Calendar marks three
decades of calendars from artist Andy Deck.  Since the
mid-1990s the project has often engaged public participation
through websites made by the artist to generate images
and texts.  

This year's calendar leverages the recently announced 
Artistic License site, which lets visitors produce an
official-looking ID proclaiming them to be just about
anything they can think of.  This performative series
of images is incorporated into the calendar in both free 
and printed editions.

Beginning in late December, all the pages will be freely
downloadable as PDF files.  At present, orders are being
accepted for a full-color printed edition at a modest price.

It should be noted that for another week, participation is
still open, so if you'd like to appear in the 2010 
Artcontext Calendar you should visit Artistic License soon.
If you do, and you decide to buy the calendar, your laminated
Artistic License will be added to the shipment.

You will not only have a distinctive calendar, you will be
a card carrying artist and a participant in a 30 year
calendar project begun by the artist in 1979.

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