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<nettime-ann> VideoChronic: Video Activism and Distribution in Indonesia


EngageMedia and Kunci Cultural Studies Center are pleased to announce the launch of Videochronic. This publication is the result of a collaborative research project charting how activists are engaging with video technologies in Indonesia, addressing some of the issues of technology-mediated social movements, and exploring the potential and limitations of online video distribution.

The past decade in Indonesia has seen a dramatic increase in the use of video as a social change tool by community, campaign and activist organisations. Access to the tools for producing and distributing video have become increasingly democratised over this period.

But how are video activists taking to using new video distribution technologies? Beyond the hype how are these tools being used on the ground? This research explores how social change video work is currently being distributed in Indonesia, from VCD to vodcasting, Creative Commons to Copyright, and considers how are activists might approach distribution in the future.

This 140 page book presents both English and Indonesian versions of the research as well as colour illustrations including a visualisation of the development of video activism and online video.

The research can be downloaded as PDF or hard copies may be ordered.

Full details at
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