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<nettime-ann> Network[IN]Security workshop: 10-11 December @ moddr.net


*Network[IN]Security workshop* with
Danja Vasiliev and Julian Oliver:

>> Two day workshop
>> on 10 and 11th of December,
>> 15.00 till 21.00 (GMT+1)
>> participation fee: 30 euros
>> (includes entry fee for the FOO_bar event on 11th!)
>> http://agenda.wormweb.nl/agenda.php?id=2895
>> Location: moddr_lab, Willem Buytewechstraat 188a, Rotterdam

The increasing dependence on wireless communication appears at odds with
notions of public space: while the air we breathe is considered public,
the signals passing through it are often not.

Borrowing tools and techniques from the field of network (in)security,
Danja and Julian will expose the otherwise invisible layer of WiFi
activity as a rich space for activism, performance, paranoia and
audiovisual practice.

Over the course of the workshop participants will prototype ideas using
a software toolkit given to participants. In parallel we welcome a
lively discussion around the ethical and political implications of this
area of study more generally.

This course is open to anyone with a healthy dose of curiosity,
creativity and paranoia.

*Topics covered include:*

- Network packet capture, analysis, creation and manipulation.
- HTML page reconstruction from network packets: what websites are
  people around me viewing?
- Spoofing remote browser sessions: how can I change the text and images
  in other peoples browsers?
- Intercepting chat sessions: how can I change what people say to each
- Image and streaming media reconstruction from network packets: what
  video and audio are people around me downloading?
- Traffic shaping/routing: changing the shape of the network in your favour.
- A creative introduction to the GNU/Linux command line.
- Network security crash course.

The Network (In)security course is open to anyone with a healthy dose of
curiosity, creativity and paranoia. No prior technical experience is

register for this workshop by sending a short motivation to

/more info at/ http://moddr.net/networkinsecurity-workshop
/more info at/ http://agenda.wormweb.nl/agenda.php?id=3102
/more info at/ http://agenda.wormweb.nl/agenda.php?id=2895

Julian Oliver
home: New Zealand
based: Berlin, Germany 
currently: Berlin, Germany 
about: http://julianoliver.com
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