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<nettime-ann> .f.reeP_ project series for the political use of information technologies in contemporary art

hi all,

finally i have completed the websites for the contemporary art project series .f.reeP_ on the notions of copyleft, free culture, peer production-crowdsourcing, "distributed identity", p2p, "(digital) gift", authorship etc that suggests the political use of information technologies in contemporary art for the promise of a socio-economic change. i have been doing these projects since 2006 and finally i managed to establish the websites that run totally on free/open source software and standards. i can say that, inclusion of the video tag in html 5 for the free/open video standard ogg theora (and firefox support) has encouraged me to complete the work on the web. thanx to those at xiph.org and all the floss and free culture community!

please feel free to check and appropriate the free/open source copyleft content of the projects...

re_potemkin: a copyleft crowdsourcing free/open source cinema project_ (2006)

.readymade dictionary of the author_ (2009)

.complaints choir of basic design: (as) a free copyleft peer production project_ (2008)

..aa_ : an anonymous distributed identity project_ (2008)

.f.reeP_.  by .-_-. (2006-2009)

you can also check the other projects:
.another internet is possible_
.copyright is lazy_
.f.REeFUND check_

all work is copyleft, feel free to share and appropriate!
.copyleft!_ .-_-. , 2006-2009



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