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<nettime-ann> _____-micro_research workshops_30: November 7th 2PM: Data carving with Danja Vasiliev and Gordan Savicic


A series of working groups, events and workshops at
_____-micro_research [Berlin]; an independent research centre focusing
on the expanded construction and experience of free software and open


October 31st 9PM: aether9 in performance at Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery

November 7th 2PM: Data carving with Danja Vasiliev and Gordan Savicic

Forthcoming matter: 

tv programming, [micro-]cuisine, plotting, handmade logic


November 7th 2PM: Data carving with Danja Vasiliev and Gordan Savicic

    * information excavation, digital archeology, offline privacy

During the workshop we will explore the contents of found hard-disks
(hard-disque trouvÃ). Using methods borrowed from computer digital
forensics participants will peek into the lives of others - former
owners of scavenged hardware. Hard-disks as the most intimate part of
any computer system. In case of a personal computer - the most
intimate part of person's life. Deductively, we will try to discuss
and recreate 'psyche' portraits of those strangers and restore the
time-lines that otherwise would have faded away. In the times of
paranoiac privacy awareness we forget that online is not the only
place to loose your identity. Although more and more personal data is
stored on the Internet servers it is still written to
hard-disks. There were several reports about Internet server's
hard-disks ending up on flea-markets, being sold for little money.


By the end of the workshop all the hard-disks and/or the data will be

    * Workshop prerequisites:

All participants are asked to go local flea-markets or second-hand
shops to pick up few old hard-disks. You may try eBay as well. Older =
better, those disks don't need to be of large capacity, in fact 8-16
Gigabytes is the best size to be able to analyze it during one-day
session. They also don't need to have any operating system. Make sure
the disks are 3.5â and have standard IDE interface.

Everybody is also expected to bring laptops (PC, Intel Macs) capable
of booting from USB-sticks or CDs and equipped with USB2.0
interfaces. GNU/Linux command line knowledge will be advantageous,
however it is not required.

Workshop is lead by moddr_ - Danja Vasiliev and Gordan Savicic,
experimentalists and interventionists on the edge of digital life and
everyday technology. http://moddr.net

Fee: 10 euros (all materials and food!)

Please email m@1010.co.uk to reserve a place (strictly limited)



Workshops led by field-expert practitioners extend over realms of code
and embedded code, environmental code, noise, transmission and
reception, and electromysticism. Workshops solely utilise free
software and GNU toolbase.

Practitioners at pickledfeet have included Martin Kuentz
(prd@scrying.org), Julian Oliver (http://julianoliver.com), Derek
Holzer (http://soundtransit.nl), Jeff Mann (http://jeffmann.com),
Martin Howse (http://1010.co.uk), Kathrin Guenter
(http://www.fotokatie.com), Alice Miceli
(http://www.premiosergiomotta.org.br/blog/chernobyl2), Fredrik
Olofsson (http://www.fredrikolofsson.com/), Florian Cramer
(http://cramer.plaintext.cc:70/), Brendan Howell, jo FRGMNT
grys(http://tob.de.vu/), mikomikona
http://www.zuviel.tv/mikomikona.html, Antony Hall
(http://antonyhall.net), Gijs Gieskes (http://gieskes.nl/), Alexei
Blinov (http://www.raylab.com), Valentina Vuksic
(http://sei-personaggi-part2.ch/), Dave Griffiths
(http://www.pawfal.org), Marc Boon (http://www.marcboon.com),
Christian Faubel, Cordula KÃrber, and Ralf Schreiber
(http://ralfschreiber.com/), Roman HÃfeli and Olsen Wolf
(http://www.netpd.org), Aymeric Mansoux and Jan-Kees van Kampen

_____-micro_research, pickledfeet, Linienstrasse 54, Berlin 10119

U2, Rosa-Luxemburg-Pl.
U8, Rosenthaler Pl.

Telephone: 3050187482. 


_____-micro_research is supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin 2009

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