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<nettime-ann> share festival 2009

4th-8th November, 10 AM-7 PM, Regional Museum of Natural Sciences, Via
Giolitti 36, Turin

Dear nettimer friends of the Share Festival,

the Market Forces programme is now on-line. From complexity theory to artistic supermarkets, the fifth Piemonte Share Festival gives shape to the myriad forms of chaos through installations, exhibitions, performances, debates and, of course, the much-awaited announcement of
the winners of the Share Prize.

Once again, this year's Share Festival will be opening its doors to the city, offering new perspectives, works and initiatives - In the hallowed halls of the University and the Academy of Fine Arts for students; In our institutions, taking part in the European debate on creativity and innovation “CreATe: Connecting ICT Research and Creative Enterprises”; In museums, in partnership with the Contemporary Art Museum in Rivoli and the PAV, which will be opening their doors free of charge to our audience. And through the Turin-based festivals clubtoclub and
Viewconference, where the Digital Orbit project was first conceived.

All the most important digital art events in town will be opening their doors in synergy, with a programme of events of international acclaim, forming part of a whole month called Contemporary Art in Turin, tracing
out a path, a map, an orbit sweeping through the city.






Share Prize Exhibition ---> Launched in 2007, the Share Prize is the pride and joy of the Festival. Designed to discover, promote and support the digital arts, artists from all around the world take part in the contest every year. This year, the six finalists short-listed by the international panel of judges are: Ernesto Klar Convergenze parallele |
Lia Proximity of needs | Andreas Muxel Connect

Francesco Meneghini-William Bottin Sciame 1 | Ralf Baecker Calculating
Space | Random International / Chris O’Shea Audience

Squatting Supermarket

Squatting Supermarkets ---> Artist Salvatore Iaconesi aka xDxD.vs.xDxD looks at how our everyday lives have evolved through shopping, piercing into the pulsating heart of Market Forces. Browsing products on shelves, choosing, paying, running up debt, being convinced and seduced, relating to places, messages and other people: shopping is an experience that fills our days, an experience constructed through images, suggestions and strategies that are all so complex that we, as final users,
systematically fail to perceive them.


Market Forces Exhibition ---> Taking as its starting point Salvatore Iaconesi’s special project for Share Festival 2009, Squatting Supermarkets, which narrates how our everyday lives have evolved through “augmented” shopping, the statement made by the exhibition, curated by Simona Lodi, explores the issue of whether artists can be an alternative
source of information on the economy.

End of cinema

Until the End of Cinema ---> curated by Luca Barbeni. The exhibition screens a series of audio-visual works that begin where the cinema ceases to exist, taking us from the linear to the interactive, from the collective to an individual perspective. The works can no longer be said
to be cinema, but nor are they something else.


Form Follows Nature - Erik Natzke Exhibition ---> Erik Natzke, artist, designer and programmer, creates and gives material substance to his ideas through immaterial computer code. His sensibility, combined with his stubborn resolve, has enabled him to push back the limits of his medium, beyond known methods and approaches. Natzke’s work focuses on aesthetics and methodology, in which code and numbers generate beauty. When Natzke wants to draw something, he doesn’t pick up a pencil. He
opens his Flash software editor and starts programming.

7th-14th November - Allegretti Contemporanea Gallery, via San Francesco
D’Assisi 14, Turin. Opening Saturday 7th November, 7 PM

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