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<nettime-ann> Europa Neurotisch # 2, Call for single channel video works.

Deadline for application is 10 November 2009
Open to single channel video works.
Exhibition dates: 14 November till 12 December 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Europa Neurotisch # 2

Europa Neurotisch is the second part of the Petersburg Project Space excursion into Europe. The first part was held in November 2008, and was based on the question how do artist react to, and deal with the concept Europe. For the second part we would like to raise the question: what is the image of Europe? How does it look? How do artists visually deal with the continent they live in, or look at from the outside?

What almost first comes to mind when thinking of images representing Europe are maps and charts; a google image search for Europe seems to confirm this. However in a search for America or Asia the results of images that in some way visually represent those continents come up quite quickly. But is there a something like a European consciousness?

In a speech delivered by German filmmaker Wim Wenders in 2006 he addressed this quite strongly; he argued that the American dream is a dream built up by images, and that “a vision has to be attached to feelings, to places, to memories”. So what then you could wonder is the European dream?
Maybe Mr Wenders is right when he says: “Europe, now you see it, now you don’t”

Since the show is not intended as a political argument or statement in any way, but more as an exploration of a European image or maybe even the European dream or nightmare the works we are looking for are diverse, from personal political to audiovisual snippets: as long as it deals in some way with the European heart and soul we are interested.

Every week a new series of works will be screened in the exhibition space in the evening: Bar Europa. The idea behind this is to deformalize the exhibition space, and to deconstruct any static presence of the subject itself: Europa.

This call is open to individual artists, as well as collectives.
There is no restriction to length of the works or date created, however we only accept single channel videoworks. 

More information about Petersburg Project Space:

More information about the first Europa Neurotisch show:

Link to Wim Wenders speech:

Deadline for application is 10 November 2009.

Send your materials to:

Petersburg Project Space
Frans de Wollantstraat 84
1018 SC Amsterdam

Gerben Kruk / Europa Neurotisch

Or if digital you can send it to:
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