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<nettime-ann> High Tech Camping Friday October 23th

High Tech Camping is an unconference for desingers, researchers, developers, entrepreneurs and artists.

The event is loosely based on the BarCamp format and there are only participants and no spectators. In an informal setting you are challenged to share your ideas, experiences and knowledge. And to get inspired by the ideas, experiences and the knowledge of others. The focus of this first time event is innovative design and technology research.

Register now and become part of this unique cross disciplinary science, technology, arts and design network.

The event takes place Friday October 23th 15.00-02.00 hrs at High Tech Campus Eindhoven as part of the Dutch Design Week.

High Tech Camping is a close corporation between FreeFormFab, Gamechanger, MAD emergent art center, Innovik and High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

To see the program and register visit

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