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<nettime-ann> Station Rose Database "20 Digital Years" (1988-2008)

Title: Station Rose Database "20 Digital Years" (1988-2008)

to let you know - The Station Rose Database  (1988-2008) is in public-beta now.

Station Rose was the  first public media art space (1988-91) in Vienna,
before moving to Frankfurt & Cyberspace in 1991. Since then the headquarter is in Frankfurt.

 "The Station Rose  Database as Digital Archive" (in Typo3) :

On behalf of "20 Digital Years" we started to develop & program the Database in 2008,
with a special interface.

Our Digital Archive - saved on harddrives, discettes, photos, CDs, DVDs, U-matic video, DVs, VHS etc. - has become really huge after 20 years.

Over hundred of (mostly unreleased) audio tracks, TV features, stills, videos and texts from 1988 - 2008 have been structured.
The searchable database is by no means complete, but already gives an overview over Station Rose´s activities of the last 20 years. Programmed with open source Typo 3.
Programming: Christian Bieber/dkd, Elisa Rose, Gary Danner, Jens Fischer

The Digital Archive was shown for the 1st time during our exhibit of the media-sculpture "LogInCabin" 2008/09 at MAK/Museum of Applied & Contemporary Art, Vienna.

Since then the database gets filled -

over time.

It is in progress !


Elisa Rose


S T A T I O N   R O S E
                                        20 Digital Years_plus
 digital_audio-visual art
Elisa Rose & Gary Danner

* next groupshows:
"See This Sound" Lentos, Linz : performance 22/10/09
  performance & in conversation at performance-art-lab satellit, Frankfurt 30/10/09
"Videorama", Kunsthalle Wien, Galerie Henze & Ketterer, Bern, Austrian Cultural Forum,
                                 New York , UCCA, Peking
* "Interstellar Overdrive CD" Japan release

* recent project: 20 Digital Years. "LogInCabin" mediascultpure at MAK Vienna
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