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<nettime-ann> Call for proposal Digital, Electronic and Media Art Symposium


Digital, Electronic and Media Art Symposium
Trapped in Freedom
>From 5th  to 12th December 09 ? Oudeis ? Le Vigan / France

It is by chance, in a dead street's far end that we faced a white padded
door, opaque windows secured by bars and a turned off neon. Trapped in
Freedom, the inscription was unlit, we could imagine it shining in the
night a deep red and evocative light.
This sentence questioned us all the more we didn't know this place's
nature. A one evening peculiar cabaret drawn from a David Lynch
imagination, a libertine meeting place, rare liquors and cigars club...
Anyway, this place seemed contained in its wording an entire paradox, one
of a sensual pleasure,  assumed, shown and restrained to this area,
condensed behind the walls and hidden from prying eyes. This paradox was
for the more obvious that the street was isolated, empty, but close to a
wide and passing road. As if the answer or possibility for an emancipated
freedom was actually just before our eyes. An obvious fact so strong that
it cannot be assumed or seen as real.
It is this exact feeling which this place was emitting, an unrealistic
atmosphere, a suspended time, a breach given to the onlooker in an
innocent way, still tantalizing. No way between an assumed freedom, the
idealized one, the return to nature, the emancipation from the powerful,
the ethical, racial, social and political conflicts annihilation...
Live freedom as a release of burdens due to our environment. To focus on a
will, a space peculiar to oneself, to individualities... To adopt freedom,
take it fully, means to seize new spaces, to make new choices...
And yet the idea is not that simple. Freedom is a delicate notion and
value, fascinating, unpredictable. As for who takes some liberty may take
it off others, who enjoys freedom may loose a  secured framework, a set of
references and founding, who wants to be free may be put in danger because
of his/her own choices. Trapped in Freedom synthesizes the paradox of a
dear and desired state at the same time feared and mostly let in an
utopian idea condition. Any social project is based on consensus and
thereof asks for new definitions of individual liberties while arising new
ones relative to a global, general and becoming homogeneous corps.

Oudeis, a cultural organization in Le Vigan (France), has decided to
dedicate its coming Digital, Electronic and Media Art Symposium on this
issue. Thus, several exhibits will take place in town in different places
from the 5th to 13th December 2009. There are two types of call for
proposal for two specific projects.

First, a video exhibition. Oudeis invites all artists interested in the
issue Trapped in Freedom to send us a proposal and short bio by the 7th

The second project open to participants is a temporary and free editing
workshop. Temporary because it will last only the time of the Symposium,
free because it will be nomad and will be moved from place to place to mix
contents. A silkscreen printing workshop will be set and an edition will
be publish, with critical contents, poems, analysis and aesthetic
statements, drawings, photographies, collages... All produced in real
time, in the manner of performance, in front of the public.

Address :
Place Quatrefages de Laroquête (mairie)
30120 Le Vigan ? France
mail to : info.oudeis ? AT ?
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