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From: Susanne Fasbender <>
Date: August 11, 2009 9:59:15 AM CDT
Subject: [spectre] CALL: with a view to the sound


CALL FOR ENTRY  Kunstfilmtag (art-house-film-day)  Düsseldorf,  Germany
Deadline 19.9.09


The Kunstfilmtag ( art-house-film-day ) originated as a free artist project with a festival character and is a tradition
of exhibitions, initiatives and events organised and curated by artists.
Located in the auditorium of the Artist Society “Malkasten“ in Düsseldorf it presents the diversity of film- and
video creations by artists in Düsseldorf, together with international media art and artistic films from all around the world
in one comprehensive program.

The Kunstfilmtag 2009 directs its focus on the relationship between picture and sound.
Noise, music, voice, silence - subtle, quiet or loud: in its spacious presence,
sound is not just creating a consolidation of ambiences and moods, but also
has the ability to form a contrast to the moving picture or to define it.
Sound forms the acoustic, which significantly co-determines the perception
and relevance of the picture.
As originally autonomous forms of _expression_, for the duration of the film
they will enter into an alliance. Whether synchronic, asynchronic, parallel
or descant - the marriage of both raw materials, picture and sound,
creates something unique, new - as an essential platform of the audio-visual concept.

Whether the work is a documentary, structural, essayistic, poetic or performative:
The artist decides on the modus, the style, in which sound and picture coincide.

for submission: please have a look at the english-button of the website:

Thanks and hope to hear  from you!
Susanne Fasbender, Düsseldorf

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