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<nettime-ann> Florence Lazar on www.tank.tv : 12th August - 1st September 2009.

Florence Lazar
12 August - 1st September 2009
on www.tank.tv

tank.tv is pleased to present a selection of work made by the French artist Florence Lazar.

Since the late 1990s Florence Lazar has been creating work about the situation in Former-Yugoslavia. The events in the region have led her to explore questions of identity and politics in a post-conflict situation. Mostly motionless her camera stresses the presence of the artist which is characterised by the absence of verbal or physical intervention. Similar to that of a mute interlocutor Lazar's position creates a space that belongs to the people she films, a space that is shaped by their testimonies on war, politics and identity.

Embracing the role of artist as ethnographer Lazar's films establish a network of multiple meanings between history, people and herself. Her oeuvre creates several entry points to sensitive questions and by enabling minor voices to speak she indicates that realist is always multi-layered.

Florence Lazar was born in 1966 and studied at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris where she lives and works.

This exhibition was kindly supported by Paris Calling.


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