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<nettime-ann> proposal project CITIZEN JOURNALISM or OPEN SOURCE JOURNALISM


proposal project:
Art & Technologies Center
street Forcello 38/a
Brescia Italia
Mashable Source News

Mashable Source News, web based project investigate the exploration of the world of communication and information with respect to physical everyday life. It is not easy to define the idea, we could enclose it as a meeting point of several ideas/news, or as an observation laboratory on aspect of contemporary culture, or simply the representation of an audience. Many little and chaotic territories of experimentation remain in the dark and they do not enjoy visibility because the voracity of commercial culture reigns, but the birth of new young trends generates new languages which deserve their own independent visibility. The determination of the Do it Yourself culture was born in the niche of the underground art, in the mailing lists, in the darkest places of the planet to emerge in a collective magma service where news consuming and the value of the contents are defined by the users. The importance of the discovery and the wonder generated by it produces conversation and dialogue answering to the sentence "there are some questions that can't be answered by google", radically changing how people consume and generate news, impressions and brief thoughts. It is not only a match played with media but with the message too.
Project Objectives.
Mashable Source News allows the gathering of up to date events through different interface and search anything we can enjoy in the web, all in one place; it is also a place where to meet people, make friendship related to a topic or a specific category. is a good tool to manipulate, to gather, to pass a comment, to spread brilliant contents all over the world. One of the priorities is to link the rich and controversial environment related to new media art and the cultural mainstream one; the creation of the site becomes an instrument to promote and to give visibility to projects and artists operating in the fields of artistic and technological innovation helping the establishment to metabolise the digital culture. One fundamental objective is to create and maintain a good and valid alternative to the existing services, integrating in the system with a cheap and co-operative project. In other words it could be a simple medium to keep updated people around us who participate in the mutual cooperation of organising and selecting the huge amount of information.
The working team consists of the members of non profit association
in the beginning users of mailing lists we are subscribed to or just people who appreciate this kind of project; users looking for new channels and languages to express to a new public, in other words a new network. We dedicate this work to all the activists who live experience with their own point of view, aware that this reality overcomes imagination.

technology is not in any way an oracle but a useful tools if used for the right cause supporting human science
Technical Information.
Mashable Source News is a web application that allows you to submit an article that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. When a user submits a news article it will be placed in the "unpublished" area until it gains sufficient votes to be promoted to the main page. Find an article, an image or an on-line video and write a brief impression or manifest a sudden idea, your mood in a particular moment. Your presentation will be immediately visualised in the session "Next stories" in which other users can find it and if they like it they can vote it. Also, you can put it in your profile to be traced in the future. New impressions follow simple guide lines as for example: Quality content: is your storey relevant to this site? Link directly to the source: save people time by linking directly to the original news story. Research first: Avoid duplicate submissions by researching first to make sure someone else has not submitted the same story already. Be descriptive: you are the story editor, so explain what it is and why it is cool. Feedback: once a piece of news ahs gained a massive amount of critical vote it becomes "popular" and it pops up on the homepage. Possibility: you can discuss, save, vote or share the piece of news or your opinion with a group you belong to in Personal details: you can change your avantar, name, surname, mail, personal reference site, and you can fill in your contact details for multimedia communication e.g.: IRC, Google talk etc. Stats: you can trace your activities Group membership: you can manage the groups you belong to, you have a daily personal report, you can create new groups, make them public or private and manage the users from within the created groups. Share: you can tell a friend or a group of friends simply by filling in their email address and clicking on "enter" key. Share in the mailing list: you can generate your piece of news, your impression and send it fast to the most important mailing lists is subscribed to, apart from its own. Business plan: our business model is not a winner, it is based on self financing: for the moment what matters is a good idea to put into practice, we are a young reality with wide growing possibilities.

To Share. To copy, distribute and transmit the work


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