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<nettime-ann> EyeDraw project U Oregon (fwd)


While looking for a friend's email address I ran across this project.

EyeDraw is a research project at the University of Oregon that enables users to draw pictures solely with the use of their eyes. The project started in
  the summer of 2003.

An eye   tracker is used to detect eye   movements and that data is
interpreted by the application in order to allow users to click on buttons, choose
starting   and ending points, and save and retrieve drawings.

The picture to the right shows an early version of EyeDraw and a drawing created by one of its developers. The challenge is to provide an intuitive and plausible way for users to intentionally place shapes on the canvas. This requires the program to distinguish between when a user is "looking" and when
they are   "drawing."

The Target Group:

EyeDraw is being designed for  children   and teenagers with severe
mobility impairments. Although other software exists for them to type and read, a
drawing program will be new for these users.

- - - - -

An executable and source code are available for free download.

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