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<nettime-ann> Crash!Boom!Bau! Festival / New Scenographical Arts / Theaterhaus Jena / Bauhaus Year 2009

"Scenography Now!"  and the bauhaus lab 2009 present in the frame of the
Bauhaus Year 2009 the contemporary scenography festival:


from May 1st - 17th 2009, Theaterhaus Jena / Germany.
- a festival for the scenographical arts

in co-operation with the AA in London, the C3 in Budapest and the Stage
Studio of the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

for more, pls see: www.festival.bauhauslab.org

New! New! New! Crash! Boom! Bau!
At the Bauhaus, »New« was the word of the hour. One wanted to change the
world to the better, with all perfection: new cities, new tea pots, new
man, and certainly also: a new theatre!

The stage workshop at the Bauhaus was an unique laboratory of the
performative. With great complexity, Bauhaus-master László Moholy-Nagy
described, what it was all about: »The sensible demand for today is: a
true organization of form and motion that is deemed equally important
and on the same plane with the acoustic and optic (electric) phenomena
we can currently produce, not one abusing motion as a medium for
literary and emotional events.«
Quite complicated, but: new!

One experimented with space, with apparatuses, with machines, and
mechanisms. Walter Gropius: »Every art wants to shape space!« Oskar
Schlemmer presented a »Figural Cabinet«, Kurt Schmidt a »Mechanic
Ballet«, and Moholy-Nagy a »Light-Space-Modulator« - for the first time
in 1923 as a »Mechanic Cabaret« at the theatre in Jena.

The Crash! Boom! Bau! Festival celebrates 90 years of the Bauhaus with a
new and up-to-date theatre, guest performances and own productions, with
artistic installations and workshops. All projects focus on the a
special way of dealing with space, with the stage, with the relation
between action and perception, and with interdisciplinary approaches
between stage design, media art, and architecture. The festival as a

And: we expand! In collaboration with the Architectural Association
London, a temporary structure is created on the public square in front
of the theatre building - a new place for play and encounter, to expand
our theater. This addendum calls: come on in, here is something new!

New! New! New! Crash! Boom! Bau!

The festival Crash!Boom!Bau! is funded in context of the project
"Scenography Now!" by the German Cultural Foundation and in the context
of the project "bauhaus lab" by the EU culture program.
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