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<nettime-ann> Fwd: Intelligent Agent 9.1 Call for Papers/reviews

> Intelligent Agent Magazine Issue 9.1:
> Art in Virtual Worlds & The Age of “All at Once”
> Since the turn of the millennium, an increasing amount of effort has  
> been
> placed in the exploration of art in virtual worlds from first-person
> shooters to Massively Multiuplayer Online Roleplaying Games like  
> World of
> Warcraft and worlds such as Opensim and Second Life. Even in the  
> last year,
> Artists like Cao Fei and Stephanie Rothenberg have exhibited Second  
> Life
> works in the Venice Bienniale and Sundance New Horizons, to name a  
> few. Why
> are virtual worlds a “hot” medium for contemporary art? What issues  
> are
> being evoked by the coming of these online agoras, and are they  
> redefining
> the cultural functions of art?
> The art world, as mentioned by painter Jay Van Buren, is  
> “everywhere, all at
> once”. In addition, the coming of the global economic downturn has  
> caused
> groups like NYC-based to ask the community what  
> will
> become of the foundering art world in the post-boom landscape. Are  
> we just
> now sets of web 2.0-baed “surf clubs” as Olson et al have suggested,  
> and are
> groups like Paperrad, the Cute Show, and NastyNetsemblematic of the  
> time?
> Has culture become a truly flat, rhzomatic playing field with no  
> central
> dialogues, has it become cellular, or is the culture of non-direction
> created an era of indistinctness, where the cultural impact of a  
> Youtube
> video may rival that of a Murakami? Are Lolcats and Weezer's “Pork and
> Beans” as indicative of contemporary culture as a Murakami panel?
> Scholarly texts, essays, artist's works and missives are welcomed.
> Deadline for proposals: Feb. 15
> Deadline: April 2
> About Intelligent Agent:
> Intelligent Agent is a service organization and information provider
> dedicated to interpreting and promoting art that uses digital  
> technologies
> for production and presentation. Through its online magazine and  
> programs,
> Intelligent Agent provides a platform of critical discourse for  
> discussing
> issues relevant to digital media, their social and cultural impact,  
> and the
> parameter shifts they have brought about for the arts.
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