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<nettime-ann> Announcing Vague Terrain 12: Device Art

We've just launched the most recent edition of the Vague Terrain journal 
project and the issue is dedicated to device art. Guest curated by 
Toronto's art/technology guru Rob Cruickshank, the issue taps into the 
long lineage of machine making in arts and industry and collects a 
survey of contemporary work to represent this emerging 
microcontroller-driven age. In his introductory essay Cruickshank 
contextualizes this moment in the arts as follows:

"This abundance feeds an underground culture of hackers and “circuit 
benders” in much the same way that the post World War II glut of cars 
fuelled the hot rod craze of the 50s and 60s ... The rise of rapid 
protoyping and small-run custom manufacturing means that an artist can 
essentially have a factory in their living room, and produce electronic 
devices as easily as previous generations made prints or ceramics".

Vague Terrain 12: Device Art provides a window into the creative 
practice of nine artists working in the world of machines. Participants 
include: Brad Borevitz, Darsha Hewitt, Erin Gee, iriXx, Jessica Field, 
Ken Gregory, Martin Wisniowski, Nicholas Stedman and Peter Flemming.

You can view the issue here:
...and subscribe to the Vague Terrain blog here:

Neil Wiernik & Greg J. Smith
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