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<nettime-ann> OPEN CALL - lebensraum - living space

lebensraum / living space


Sunday, 18th January 2009

You are invited to interpret and give voice to a diary about the dissolution 
of Yugoslavia in response to the streets of Kentish Town. Come and attend or 

Starting from and returning to Gallery 176, we will be walking along Prince 
of Wales Road. The performance will consist of three strands:

1) Participants will be invited to take turns in interpreting a diary 
written in 1992 by the anthropologist Ger Duijzings during his travels 
through Yugoslavia. The diary is a quiet record of the solidarity and 
resistance to nationalism and ethnic violence, as well as an account of the 
unmixing and tearing apart of individuals, communities and a nation. It 
consists of a series of encounters with different groups, movements and 

2) Participants are invited to provide and read their own choice of texts. 
Please email us materials on mass behaviour, mass organisation and accounts 
of local and global mass movements. Theoretical texts, pamphlets, as well as 
poetry, fiction and newspaper cuttings are all welcome. The texts can be 
current or historical. Please keep them short.

3) The project film crew will interview the participants and passers-by. The 
crew will pose questions about our understanding of and attitude to mass 
organisation and gather responses to the collision of different histories 
being performed and the landscape we will be moving through.

What is the role and importance of mass action and mass organisation? How 
can we claim history from the rhetoric of the mass media? What kind of space 
can we imagine, perform and inhabit that acts as a combination of the public 
and private, the personal and the collective, the historical and the 
materially present?

Everybody is welcome and your presence and any contributions will be much 
appreciated. Please send texts to: rastko.novakovic@gmail.com

project space 176
176 Prince of Wales Road,
Kentish Town,

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