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<nettime-ann> ECAM 2008 :: Technology, Science and Art - in Mexico City


ECAM 2008 :: Technology, Science and Art

ECAM is very happy to announce we will be having an amazing event on the
30th of October 2008 at The National Center for the Arts in Mexico City, a
complex of 5 art schools (dance, painting, music, theater, and film)

There will be two discussion tables and one concert. We will have a very
unique mixture of guests. We will have one of the architects of the Space
Station Freedom, a designer of a new spacesuit or biosuit, one artist that
has the world record in the programming of multitudes, a digital painter
that programs robots and viruses for painting, two nanotechnologists, one
british scientist that pretends to be a japanese artist and generates
sculptures through mathematic equations.

At the end of the session we will be having a concerto called Manifesto,
by an electronic musician.

We are hoping for this event to continue to be a yearly meeting and to
become a regular issue on popularization of science and for artist to
become aware of the scientific method and language.

Technology, Science and Art are ways of thinking, not hardware and it is
our objective to try to transmit frontier new thinking, let`s make it
easier for people with imagination, the capital of the next generation in
developed and underdeveloped countries, whose survival depends on the
possibility of the usage of the word, thought and arguments.

Juan Jose Díaz Infante
Co-Director ECAM 2008
Artist and thinker

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