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<nettime-ann> Centre for Internet and Society's Researchers At Work Programme - Histories of the internets in India


Dear All,
It is with the greatest pleasure that we announce the launch of The Centre for Internet and Society's Research Portfolio and the beginning of its flagship programme Researchers At Work (CIS-RAW) . The CIS-RAW encourages innovative ideas and perspectives that emerge from dialogue and exchange, structured around a theme that changes every 2 years. The Theme for its first two years is "The Histories of the internets in India". The CIS-RAW is targeted at scholars, practitioners, theoreticians and thinkers willing to engage with the specific themes that CIS is immediately interested in and offers full financial support towards quantified academic and intellectual productions.

The FAQ for the CIS-RAW programme can  be accessed at

More information on the theme "The Histories of the internets in India" can be accessed at

Please forward and circulate the information freely to others you might think would be interested,

P.S. Apologies for Cross-posting



Nishant Shah
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