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> From: "Tim Jones" <>
> Date: October 22, 2008 11:47:20 AM CDT
> To: <>
> Subject: [spectre] art, technology and social change
> is an open resource designed to connect knowledge,  
> ideas and
> experiences among artists, organisations and people interested in  
> this area.
> It aims to be an accessible and useful shared tool for those who  
> use, or
> seek to use, creative technologies to work with people and / or  
> realise
> public work. If this sounds like you, come and join, share, and gain  
> insight
> and inspiration by visiting
> features case studies, a growing list of useful  
> resources,
> videos and interviews with artists including Loraine Leeson, Manu  
> Luksch and
> Mukul Patel, Stacy Makishi and Lois Weaver. Until Christmas 2008 co-
> will host invited contributors who will post thoughts and / 
> or
> provocations to stir up the debate in the site's forums. As a  
> subscriber,
> you can add content, comment on topics emerging through the forums and
> point people towards other projects, resources and ideas - including  
> your
> own.
> has been developed jointly by SPACE and Solar  
> Associates, who
> share a belief that there is a rich landscape of creative practice  
> at the
> intersection of art, technology and social change - offering new  
> ways to
> engage and forge relationships with participant groups. This  fluid,
> inspirational territory, remarkable for its diversity and bespoke  
> working
> processes,  is to large degree unmapped, and under-described: yet it  
> is a
> rich repository of ideas and insights that is of value to a wider  
> community
> of interest. Aiming to be accessible and useful,  
> starts  to map
> this landscape by drawing upon the lived experience and intellects of
> artists and producers who are active within it. Please come and add  
> your
> experience to the map.
> has been developed jointly by SPACE and Solar  
> Associates, and
> is supported by the Arts Council England, London, UK.
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