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Title: VideoArtWorld | the imagery planet
VideoArtWorld - the imagery planet

Oct. 24 2008

VideoArtWorld and Frere Independent produce the 10th edition of The Digital and Video Art Fair

DiVA Paris 2008
Oct. 24 2008 - Oct. 27 2008

An exquisite fair, determined to premiere the highest quality of today's new media artworks, will take place at an outstanding venue of Paris: The KUBE Hotel.

KUBE Hotel
1-5 Passage Ruelle, 75018, Paris

Kube Hotel, 1-5 Passage Ruelle, Paris

Alanna Lockward

Rafael Vostell

Maitre Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr

Macu Moran

Along with FIAC, Show Off and Slick, 2008 Art Fairs at the city of Light, VideoArtWorld and Frere Independent present, from the 24th to the 27th of October, the latest edition of the Digital & Video Art Fair: DiVA Paris 2008.

Strongly determined to premiere the most interesting new media contemporary art production, Ms. Macu Moran has been appointed as curator of this small but exquisite fair, hosted at one of the most outstanding Parisian venues: the KUBE Hotel.

The reasonable size of the fair has been carefully designed taking into consideration the especial nature of time-based art, allowing the visitors to properly appreciate each and all the artworks exhibited and enjoy with full attention this unique coreography for the senses.

Cura tor Macu Moran founded the VideoArtWorld network in 2007, soon becoming a leading website supporting the clarification of the new media art market that presents unique features to allow galleries connecting with curators and collectors simply and efficiently. The site will feature virtually the audiovisual works presented at the fair, widening access to international press, collectors and curators.

This special show will grow the wave of new collectors interested in the less speculative art medium, a field definitely full of treasures. 


ARKA Gallery, Vladivostok - Presenting: Olga Kisseleva; Danielle Valet Kleiner ; Mikhail Pavin; Anton Bubnovskiy
WIDMER+THEODORIDIS Contemporary, Zurich - Presenting: H+T Stegmayer; Christa Brunner; Ursula Groser; Franz Wassermann
Hardcore Art Conte mporary Space, Miami – Presenting: Grimanesa Omoros; Andres Michelena; Nela Ochoa; Jose Cosme
Isabel Hurley, Malaga – Presenting: Paloma Navares; Cristina Martin Lara; Elena Rendeiro; Luis Amavisca; Alberto Borea; M. Angeles Díaz Barbado; LiminalB
Heart Galerie, Paris – Presenting: Sebastien Caillat; Shalvak; Sebastian Mehal; Reynold Reynold; Reiner Riedler; Nataliya Lyakh; Larsen; Lydia Palais
Nohra Haime Gallery, New York – Presenting: Valerie Hird; Margeaux Walter
Habana, Cuba – Presenting: Carlos Garaicoa; Glenda Leon
Mirta Demare, Amsterdam – Presenting: Katarina Zdjelar ; Alexsandre Komarov; Judy van Luyk; Judi Werthein
Galerie13, Paris – Presenting: Helen Majera; Sabrina Monti el-Soto; Frederique Charbonneau; Lukas Machalicky


This edition Tribute is dedicated to Wolf Vostell. As part of this homage, some of his most representative audiovisual works will be projected and discussed subsequently in a panel with Rafael Vostell, Macu Moran and Alanna Lockward, who will also input a previous interview to another leading light on the field, Mr. Rene Block.

French auctioner Maitre Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr will present the first auction sale exclusively commited to Video Art. It will take place on Monday October 27th at 2pm precisely. This sale does not intend to compete with auctions such as those usually presented by “La Maison de Ventes Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr”, Christie's or Sotheby's. DiVA pretends to offer a friendly and more humble experience, knowing that this sale would allow collectors to find and acquire carefully selected artworks at fair market value.


Friday October 24th
5pm VIP Access - Campari
6pm Vernissage
9pm Party at lounge, hosted by Souvenirs From The Earth
10pm Exhibit closes
Lounge & Ice bar open until 2am

Saturday October 25th
2pm Exhibit opens
2.30pm Tribute to Wolf Vostell
Round table with Rafael Vostell, Alanna Lockward and Macu Moran
10pm Exhibit closes
Lounge & Ice bar open until 2am

Sunday October 26th
12pm Exhibit opens
8pm Exhibit closes
Lounge & Ice bar open until 2am

Monday October 27th
2pm Exhibit opens
2.30pm Auction sale, hosted by Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr
10pm Exhibit closes
Lounge & Ice bar open until 2am

VIP Exclusive access
Friday, October 24th: 5pm Preview – 6pm Vernissage
Monday, October 27th: 2.30pm Auction sale


Thierry Alet, Director of Exhibitions
+ 1 (646) 413 8541

Macu Moran, Curator
+34 647 522 256

Corinne Bobin, PR + VIP
+33 (0) 6 82 14 48 78

For more information please contact us at

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