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<nettime-ann> The resounding image at Diapason Gallery - October 26th 2008 8pm

Diapason Gallery - October 26th 2008
The Resounding Image
Aki Onda and mpld
Bruce McClure
Fabienne Gautier
Combes & Renaud
Sylvain Flanagan

The seven artists gathered for this show come from a range of different artistic practices. Music and sound art, film and photography, performance and installation are some of the elements of their respective work.
As sound composers and performers, they are interested in the cinematic and evocative qualities of sound. As photographers and film makers, they look for inherent musical qualities of images and their display. All of them look to unfold by some degree narrative structures (whether broad or minimal, open-ended or finite) within the time frame of the live show.
Resounding Image brings these artists together because of their shared interest in intermedia cross-pollination. As a one-night event, it defines a space and a time for sound and image to meet and interact sympathetically.

(program order is subject to change)

Aki Onda and mpld (Gill Arno)
Cassettes, walkmans, electronics. Amplified slide projectors.
Aki Onda is an electronic musician, composer, and photographer. Onda was born in Japan and currently resides in New York. He is particularly known for his Cassette Memories project - works compiled from a "sound diary" of field-recordings collected by Onda over a span of two decades. Onda's musical instrument of choice is the cassette Walkman. Not only does he capture field recordings with the Walkman, he also physically manipulates multiple Walkmans with electronics in his performances. In another of his projects, Cinemage, Onda produces slide projections of still photo images set to live guitar improvisation.
Gill Arno was born in Italy, where he studied art and typography before moving to New York in 1997. His current work includes video, photography, print, sound recording and composition, installations and live performance. In the project mpld old modified slide projectors are used in a live setting. Static images from found slides become pulsating and fade one into another, while the projectors' mechanical sounds are tapped and processed to reveal their musical possibilities.
Arno often collaborates on- and off-stage with other artists. He publishes books, recordings and other multiples via his own imprint, Unframed, and runs Fotofono, a small studio in Brooklyn where public events are sometimes held.

Bruce McClure
16mm projectors, pedals.
Bruce McClure graduated from architectural school in 1985, received his license to practice in 1992 and continues to work in offices in New York City. In 1994 his interests turned from static to moving images and now occupy most of his time when not at work. Originally attracted to abandoned technologies, he began working with effects created by a variety of simple devices such as the phenakistascope (1830). Recombining spinning discs and Edgerton's xenon flash (1930) gave rise to a mongrelized roto-optics that eventually suggested the movie projector as the best means to wallow in temporal dynamics. His projector performances have been included in many national and international events including the Whitney Biennial, Rotterdam Film Festival, and Image Forum (Japan). Since 2002 he has shown annually at "Media City" Film festival, Windsor Ontario where he has premiered many works and won several awards.

Fabienne Gautier
Movies on DVD: Iceland 4'19 and Passing 9'40
Passing is a short slice of life on the street. One homeless person dealing with his isolation on the streets of Paris. Iceland was shot in B&W super 8 while driving across Iceland in 2004. Iceland's landscape seemed to reflect a particular internalization of feeling. This work speaks to this internal mind.
Fabienne Gautier - Artist/Filmaker. Paris. Fabienne's work comprises Film - Video - Photography and Installations. She is interested in developing the interplay of Audio and visual in order to extract and demonstrate their diverse impacts on the Audience. Internationally, her work has been exhibited at The New Museum Of Contemporary Art NYC; the Kitchen NYC, Locarno and Rotterdam as well as Galleries and Underground Festivals. Her Short Film NIGHT WALK has been awarded Best Experimental Film at the Delta Festival 2006. Fabienne's latest piece PASSING will be screened at the 25th Kassel Dokfest Festival in Germany.

Combes & Renaud
Video on DVD: Anibray Transmission 5'26
The same countryside landscape was photographed from the same spot at different times of the day and different days. The polaroids were scanned and edited in a video where the same landscape fades in and out of itself in a silent yet musical fashion.
Combes & Renaud are Paris based artists and photographers. They started a series of work ÒUnstill imagesÓ which are videos using stills and sound. They were recently commissioned to represent France at the Exposition Internationale of Saragosse (Spain) in 2008.

Sylvain Flanagan
3 slide projectors, slides and recorded vocal sounds 13'
Sylvain Flanagan is a Brooklyn based artist working with sound and images. His work has been shown in Europe and New York galleries in art venues such as Museum of Contemporary Art of the city of Paris, Galerie Eric Dupont, Hopital Ephemere, Knitting Factory, Galapagos Art Space, Gallery Siseshow, Gallery Sensei.
... " With visual - slides projections - and musical installations, I work on relations between images and sounds. I am interested in the paradox between the fact that still images are inherently silent but also have a potential for sound and music. Improvising vocal sounds on photographic images, I give these a voice and a dimension in time "...

Resounding Image is an original idea of Gill Arno, Fabienne Gautier and Sylvain Flanagan.

Diapason Gallery for Sound and Intermedia
82 Third Avenue (between 32nd and 33rd Street), 10th ¥oor
Brooklyn NY 11232
Subways: D, N, R to 36th Street

Show starts at 8pm.
Admission: $10.

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