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<nettime-ann> RE-IMAGINING ANIMATION - a new AVA book by Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff (UK)

Dear friends of video art and animation,

FLAG METAMORPHOSES is featured in a great, reflective and colourful  
new book!
I warmly recommend it to artists, animators, curators, students,  
teachers, professors, art lovers:


by Paul Wells and Johnny Hardstaff (UK). AVA Publishing SA, Lausanne,  
ISBN: 2-940373-69-8 and 978-2-940373-69-7
Distribution in Europe: Thames & Hudson,
Distribution in USA/Canada: Watson-Guptill,

The text about Flag Metamorphoses in this book is based on a  
comprehensive email interview, which Paul Wells made with me last  
year. Professor Paul Wells is the Director of the Animation Academy  
at Loughborough University in the UK, and has published a number of  
books in the field of animation, including 'Understanding Animation'  
and 'Fundamentals of Animation'.



CARIBBEAN CARNIVALS will be shown at:
Xperimental Film & Video Festival, Nicosia, Cyprus, Nov. 22, 2008.

VIRTUAL THERAPY is shown at:
Simultan04 Festival, Timisoara, Romania, Oct. 23-25, 2008.
Les Instants Vidéo, Beirut, Lebanon, Oct. 24, 2008.
Urban Screens 08, Melbourne, Australia, Oct. 3-8, 2008.


Best regards,

Myriam Thyes

Himmelgeister Str. 107 F
40225 Dusseldorf

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