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<nettime-ann> V2_Newsletter October 2008

-apologies for cross-posting-

V2_NEWSLETTER October 2008

V2_Events: Test_Lab goes Noordkaap: Urban play in action

Thursday, October 30, 20:00h, Location: Noordkaap, Voorstraat 123,
Entrance: free

V2_ and Noordkaap Foundation invite you to witness how artists,
designers, and performers give their views on potential solutions for
the Voorstraat Noord urban development case, by taking you on city
walks, seducing you to play urban games, and surprising you with
artistic encounters on the streets.

Featuring: Stichting de Stad, Stealth Unlimited, Arnuro Hernandez,
on-signal.org, Pablo Valbuena and others.



V2_Lab: Workshop "Better than Reality" call for participation

Four-day workshop, November 24–27

Better than Reality is a project in which artistic use of augmented
reality technology is explored. After a series of residencies that took
place last summer, V2_Lab now opens up the technology to artists and
developers in the form of two hands-on workshops with Marnix de Nijs
(NL), Boris Debackere (BE) and Jonas Hielscher (DE).

For details and the application form, please go to www.v2.nl


V2_Publishing: Book Launch Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph

The English version of the monograph of Dick Raaymakers will be
officially launched at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival,
November 21, in Huddersfield (UK). Dick Raaymakers: A Monograph can be
ordered at http://store.v2.nl



V2_Events: LIFE & ART: TransAgriculture

Two-day seminar/event, December 18, 19

Banks are falling, the temperature is rising, the food in our
supermarkets is expensive and, what's more, we can't trust it. We are
witnessing the bankruptcy of industrialized agriculture and the notion
that we can control nature, culture and society. In our research
programme Life & ART 1: TransAgriculture, we use today’s rapidly
transforming agriculture as the starter engine – in a technological,
artistic, social, cultural, political, economic and gastronomic sense –
to challenge artists to harness the full potential of things to come.
Grow your own future!

More info soon on www.v2.nl


V2_Lab: Workshop at Shanghai eArts Festival

Urban Space, Time to Play workshop, October 19–22

Last weekend V2_ organized a workshop at the Shanghai eArts Festival to
develop playful public art in city space. The workshop was dedicated to
DIY design of urban games, art activism, and playful intervention. The
participants were artistically led by invited artists Aram Bartholl and
Daan Roosegaarde, and supported by Simon de Bakker en Michel van Dartel
of the V2_Lab.


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