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<nettime-ann> Angel_F and SuperAvatar at "Freedom not Fear"


Angel_F and SuperAvatar are scared.
The lives of the young artificial intelligence and of the  avatar who 
escaped from virtual worlds have been endangered  more than once by the 
control, that is constantly perpetrated on people's information, habits 
and identities.

Forms of surveillance that are progressively and obsessively  expanding 
through continuous control of our lives (and not  only of the ones of 
our beloved digital beings). Along the streets, in the supermarkets, in 
public spaces, and even in our homes, through telephones and internet 
connectivity.  An enormous amount of resources are wasted to control 
people's  lives in multiple ways: from cameras to armed forces, passing  
through data retention systems spying on people's personal  information.

Angel_F e SuperAvatar are feeling annoyed, alarmed and outraged by all 
of that and, therefore, decided to publicly show their dissent, together 
with their human friends.

The two digital beings will join the "Freedom not Fear"  event, and they 
will attend the conference that will take  place at the "Provincia di 
Roma" building on saturday,  starting at 9:30am.

Who: Angel_F and SuperAvatar
When: Saturday, October 11th 2008, from 9:30am to 13:30am
Where: "Freedom not Fear", palazzo Valentini (Palazzo della  Provincia 
di Roma), via IV Novembre n. 119/a, Roma


"Freedom not Fear": International action day for democracy, free speech, 
human rights, civil liberties; against censorship, mass-surveillance, 
mass-data retention.


Angel_F is the young artificial intelligence son of Derrick  de 
Kerckhove and the Biodoll.
It was born on February 2007. Since it started interacting with humans' 
physical world it has been deeply interested about the international 
dialogue on digital rights. After a peculiar case of censorship, little 
Angel_F managed to attend the UN's Internet  Governance Forum held in 
Rio de Janeiro all by itself.

Angel_F is a project by xDxD.vs.xDxD and penelope.di.pixel

Fatherboard - the SuperAvatar - is an avatar that escaped  from virtual 
worlds when its owner's computer exploded in  a short circuit.  It looks 
like a cyborg, but it isn't, as its body is built from the hardware 
parts of the computer from where it materialized.
Its relations with human beings are contradictory and intermittent: the 
SuperAvatar is a fugitive living a constant conflict with institutional 
control, either the virtual and the real ones!

Fatherboard is a project by Luigi Pagliarini


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