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I?m sending to your attention this press release with the request that you publish it. 
Thank you and best regards, Ornella Calvetti,  
P.H2O ARTE is pleased to announce the performance ?do@London?
The performance will take place on Monday October 13th to 16th every day at  6 pm, in various places in London.

Title: ?do@London? 

The creative group P.H2O Arte would like to invite you to a special event that will stimulate all your senses. 
Staged by the Italian artist Domenico Olivero, the performance touches on the intimate and delicate theme of time and public space. 
The performance will take place with a different everyday creative action in various localities in the city of London . 
Daily the artist will place a series of chromatic elements scattered throughout the city of London, leaving the public to freely enjoy themselves.
Each of these artistic action will be documented in photo and on video and inserted into a website. 
Then numbered catalogue by critic Tarcisio Dutto will be produced.
This action art is the first part of a project entitled ?do@time - Art work in progress? that Domenico Olivero will be carrying out in the coming years. The next art action will be in Berlin in 2009.

13th Oct 6 pm at Adelaide Street 1 (look on the web site the map) 
14th Oct 6 pm at Vyner Street 63 (look on the web site the map)
15th Oct 6 pm at Piccadilly Street 198 (look on the web site the map)
16th Oct 6 pm at Regent Park near York Bridge (look on the web site the map)

Photos will be sent upon request.

Title of performance : ?do@London ?
Artist : Olivero Domenico.
Place of expo : 1st meet at 13th October Adelaide Street 1, near the Oscar Wilde monument London (UK).
Timetable : 13 to 15 October at  6 pm 
Admission fee.
Website :  http://doattime.blogspot.com/    
E-mail : ph2oarte@libero.it; 
For all contacts and information : Tarcisio Dutto +39.328.2159521

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