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<nettime-ann> Dj Hugo Chavez Vj Ahmedinejad '' MADE IN TEHRACAS '@ COPENHAGEN 18.10.2008

Dj Hugo Chavez Vj Ahmedinejad will play '' MADE IN TEHRACAS '' Audiovisual Performance @ COPENHAGEN / The Triangle Project  / GLOBALCPH 18.10.2008  / 18 EKIM CUMARTESi 2008
Dj Hugo Chavez & Vj Ahmedinejad are new multimedia art project from Tehran,Caracas ( first performance was on 17th August 2006 in Berlin ) and investigates culturalistic clices and their effects on the economical and political situation of individuals; '' Against the Walls and Against the Bridges '' in there . Dj Hugo Chavez & Vj Ahmedinejad Project focuses on media literacy, the role of advertising and corporate power in our lives, intellectual property issues and the evolution of art, law and resistance in a media-saturated multi-national world and deconstructs Turkish films from the 60s and 70s and the Ethnic Market and East-West gateway clichés about Istanbul and creates bizarre new forms similar to the kaleidoscope effect with Middle Eastern Uranium and South American's Bolivar . 
* Dj Hugo Chavez & Vj Ahmedinejad  played ' MyTube & YouSpace' audiovisual performance in '' Wizard Of OS 4 Information Freedom Rules International Conference '' in Berlin /Tesla - Podewil Theatre in September 2006  
* Dj Hugo Chavez & Vj Ahmedinejad performed '' NO Exotic ,Gegen die Bridge '' audiovisual performance on 14 th December 2006 in Vooruit Festival /Belgium /Gent 
* DJ HUGO CHAVEZ & VJ AHMEDINEJAD played mixed media live performance in FLORANCE FABBRICA EUROPA FESTIVAL on 11th may 2007 / ITALY
* Dj Hugo Chavez Vj Ahmedinejad  played  '' MyTube YouSpace '' audiovisual performance  in Krueztanbul Festival in 13 October 2007 Saturday Ballhaus Naunynstraße Berlin 


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