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<nettime-ann> Call for proposals - Fearless Mobile - Vancouver, Canada


Fearless City Mobile Project is a two-way social media system for
marginalized residents and artists of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES).
It is an interactive communication system that uses Mobile Muse 3's
technology platform to confront the digital divide through peer training,
skill sharing, collective collaboration, and open learning models.

What do you imagine can be advanced with mobile handsets, live screens, and
a low-income inner city community? Small grants (including travel) are
available for you to work in Vancouver to demonstrate how mobile can be an
instant tool of media creation using a variety of strategies:  two-way rich
media file sharing around specific themes or issues; Mobile video cameras,
surveillance, live screens and public space; locative media such as QR
codes, geotagging, and an accessible wireless mesh network; strategies to
break the digital divide, employing accessible user interfaces; and more.

OBJECTIVE: To test the technical and conceptual potential of the Mobile Muse
3 platform, and use it to push the boundaries of digital storytelling,
community engagement, and audience activation.

SCOPE: Short-term mobile media projects that engage a specific conceptual or
technical question, and may fall along a spectrum from a solo exploration to
rigorous community participation. Proposals should consider how they can
engage Fearless City Mobile participants in some capacity of the project.
This may include mentoring workshops, hands-on demonstration, gathering
image resources, performing, outreach, or documentation.

ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Local and or international artists with a developed
practice in media arts and a commitment to exploring the possibilities of
mobile media devices and strategies. Local organizations that are interested
in exploring the use of mobile media.

CONTRACT VALUE: $1,000 - $4,000 CDN, with a limited number of small grants
of $500.00.

    * 2 X portable internet (wimax) modems that will provide 256kb upload
and 1.5 mb download speeds to almost any location in Metro Vancouver;
    * 10 X wifi mesh ( routers for providing wifi coverage to
large areas (1000m2 each);
    * 2 X Nokia N95 phones with wifi and video capabilities suitable for
portable video transmission;
    * 2 X (2000+ lumen) XGA video projectors;
    * 1 X 42" 720p flat panel display screen;
    * 2 X new MacBook Pro laptops loaded with Pure Data, Gimp, and Modul8;
    * A streaming video server using Movino technology (
that integrates with the Drupal 5 site.
    * We will provide logistical and support services for utilizing this

    * CV and Bio;
    * Project Proposal: should speak to the elements of the Mobile Muse 3
platform being utilized, technical experimentation to be explored, intended
community process and engagement,  approach to bridging the digital divide;
    * Schedule of Program and Deliverables (must be completed by March 15,
    * Itemized Budget. Must articulate human and technical resources being
provided by the applicant, and being requested of Fearless City Mobile;
    * Samples of previous related work (0-5);
    * Sketches, outlines or diagrams related to the proposed project.

DEADLINE: Immediately - Oct 31, 2008


Fearless City Mobile is a project of the Fearless Media Cluster, Downtown
Eastside Community Arts Network, with support from Mobile Muse 3.
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