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Dear OM ,  .Herewith inclosed, some interesting
QSL's and photos of the international station 4U1ITU
and from the Belgian station  ON4UB at the International
Exhibition (1958) in Brussels .+ QSL's  and painting ( Maria ).
Please take a look at the following Radio-Amateurs
-URL :http://blog.seniorennet.be/paintinghistory/archief.php?ID=40
Just click with the mouse on this URL ,(or if you have
no html,please copy this URL into the address-line of your
browser),and in the text (in Dutch,but You do not need at all to know
that language) which appears ,start clicking on the Morse-key -image
at the upper left of the page , and on the different
Links in the text , which will provide a lot of
radio-amateur information (in English),photos of older
radio-amateur receivers and transmitters , and
hundreds of quite rare QSL-cards .
Please ,take also a look at  http://www.ea1uro.com/historia.html
where you will find a photo ,approximately in the middle of the
page , saying : "ON4AW operando 4U1ITU en 1958 ".
73 from ON4AW / Harbour of Antwerp / Belgium .
P.S. There is much more to see on this site . If You
are an Art-lover , You could click with the mouse on
one of the chapters in the left column , for instance
cubism (kubisme) to admire some paintings of Picasso ,
or 'expressionism ',etc . To see the paintings ,
always click on the upper left image , which appears
in the text .  Following the Belgian Newspaper D.M. of
feb. 21st 2007,looking to the paintings on this site , cures
sicknesses as stress,overweight and diabetis,as researched
and proven by famous Swedish doctors.So if you would have
an ill family-member or friend,please let them look at least once a week, to
http://blog.seniorennet.be/PaintingHistory , to cure them. Thanks.
P.S.  ART means also : collecting stamps . Therefore take a look  please
at the site of OM. Manfred , DL4UE :
with stamps about the Radio-History .  Enjoy!

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