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<nettime-ann> [event] Alumni show Piet Zwart Institute Media Design, Rotterdam

_global / positions / systems_

alumni exhibition of the Piet Zwart Institute Media Design M.A.,
Willem de Kooning Academy Hogeschool Rotterdam

Gallery Blaak 10, Witte de Withstraat 7a, Rotterdam
Wed-Sun 11.00-18.00, 23/5-22/6
Opening: Thursday 22/5, 17:00-19:00

Five media designs by five former students of the Piet Zwart Institute
Media Design M.A., with common themes and positions: critical reflection
of information technology in relation to culture and global politics.
The title of this exhibition, a pun on GPS, describes five positions
towards global - technological as much as social - systems.

- Tsila Hassine (IL) & De Geuzen (NL/USA): Image Tracer
  a research tool that archives image searches on geopolitical search
  terms for the purposes of tracking their URL, appearance, =

  disappearance and rank.

- Shahee Ilyas (MV): Framing Leaders
  algorithmically generated golden picture frames of Heads of
  Governments based on their length in power, latest Press Freedom Index
  and Corruption Perceptions Index for the people of their country. =

- Walter Langelaar (NL): nOtbOt
  an automated video game player in the form of a joystick in a vicious
  force-feedback loop.

- Nancy Mauro-Flude (AU): Paraphernalia
  mutant dolls & curiosa embedded with hacked game pads are played like
  instruments to divine samples and modify vocals.

- Audrey Samson (CA): threads/
  a sewing machine modified into an computer audio installation that
  interweaves audio samples of women talking about their computer use; a
  feminist machine that reflects how computing grew out of sewing


The MA in Media Design is a two-year full-time English-language course.
It aims to develop a critical understanding and practice of the design
of digital media. The programme's premise is that new information
systems, including the Internet, fundamentally impact and reflect social
and political processes. As such, the MA in Media Design foregrounds the
relationship between the social and technical, the material and
immaterial, practice and theory.

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