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<nettime-ann> M/C Journal 'equal' Issue Now Available


                          M/C - Media and Culture
             is proud to present issue two in volume eleven of

                                M/C Journal

            'equal' - Edited by D. Bruno Starrs and Sean Maher

Equal is a value that has been scrubbed into many of us since childhood. A
paragon of human virtue in democratic society, equal has become synonymous
with equality and the cleansing panacea, or justification, of a globalised

The concept and catholicon of being or attaining the status of 'equal' is
rarely questioned as a fundamental goal of civilised society. What we
explore in this issue of M/C Journal is how the ideals associated with all
things being equal coexist with the competing ideals of diversity,
pluralism, difference, and the contrasts and disparties that underpin
vibrant cultural ecologies. Does every advantage gained in moving closer to
the venerated status of equal produce trade-offs that threaten to erase
differences, iron out diversity and standardise the multifarious quality of

  Feature Article
"Less than Equal: Secularism, Religious Pluralism and Privilege"
  - Anne Aly and Lelia Green

Anne Aly and Lelia Green discuss the equal treatment of religious belief in
secular Australia by identifying the disparities that undermine ideals of
religious pluralism. They describe how one of the central problems facing
Islamic belief systems is Western secularism's categorisation of religious
belief as private practice. While Christian based faiths have been able to
negotiate the bifurcation between public life and private faith,
compartmentalising religious beliefs in this manner can run contrary to
Islamic practice.


"Mad about the Boy"
  - Debra Mayrhofer

"Can Stage Directors Make Opera and Popular Culture 'Equal'?"
  - Ligia Toutant

"Not All Sorrys Are Created Equal, Some Are More Equal than 'Others'"
  - Brooke Collins-Gearing

"Beyond Equal: From Same But Different to the Doctrine of Substantial
  - John Paull


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