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<nettime-ann> Blood Donor Clinic in Support of Lupe Rodriguez


REMINDER: Blood Donor Clinic in Support of
Lupe Rodriguez on May 14, 2008

As you may already be aware, Toronto artist and Artscape friend, tenant and Board member Lupe Rodriguez was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. After intensive rounds of chemotherapy and some time in hospital, we’re happy to share that Lupe is in remission.

During treatment, Lupe observed that blood had to be brought in from other provinces to meet the transfusion demands because Ontario blood supplies were so low.

That got us thinking; when it is difficult to know how to show your love and support, what could make more sense than a blood donor clinic?

On May 14th, Artscape will host a Blood Donor Clinic in partnership with the Liberty Village BIA and Corus Entertainment. Artscapers will be making their donations in Lupe’s honour.



  Bloor Donor Clinic


  Corus Building, 33 Jefferson Ave., Liberty Village, Toronto (click here for map)


  Wednesday, May 14, 2008, 12:00pm - 3:00pm


  To support Artscape’s friend, tenant, board member and talented
Toronto artist, Lupe Rodriguez


  Please call 1 888 2 Donate (1 888 236-6283) to book an appointment.
Walk-ins will also be welcome


  Please see the "Can I Donate?" link in the left corner of site
to ensure you’re eligible to donate

With less than 5% of eligible Canadians currently donating, Canadian Blood Services has set a goal of 46 donors. Considering the wide audience Artscape and the clinic partners can reach, let’s challenge ourselves to get as many eligible donors out as possible and surpass that projection. Please share clinic details with your friends and colleagues and encourage them to take a moment out of their day and donate.


Let’s surprise Canadian Blood Services, and ourselves,
with the number of blood units we can collect! Let’s do it for Lupe!

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