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<nettime-ann> Fwd: [gochgo] CFP: [The Interactive Poster Show] — deadline AUG 1


[The Interactive Poster Show] is a May 2009 exhibition of works on paper intended not for public consumption but to create small venues for public participation. It will be held at Green Lantern Gallery in Chicago, IL and possibly also in Providence, RI: we haven't gotten that far yet. We've been kind of busy lately.

[The Interactive Poster Show] will feature a name that does not begin with an onomatopoeia, followed by an exclamation point. If you have ideas for what that should be, please feel free to share them with us at

[The Interactive Poster Show] will exclusively contain posters that have one or more of the following elements: stuff that falls off (on purpose), windows, parts that move, space for new information, dials, buttons, removable elements, or other user-manipulated, four-dimensional aspects of awesomeness.

In other words, [The Interactive Poster Show] will display a wide collection of new, recent, and downright old works on paper that require more from the viewer than merely reading about, memorizing information on, and attending the event described in the poster. These may be malleable, 3-dimensional, tactile, transient, or somehow otherwise inclusive of elements that can move, deteriorate, or be removed; or bits that must be rubbed, poked, ripped, pressed, wettened, prodded, or yanked to achieve full poster satisfaction. Full poster satisfaction need not be guaranteed each viewer.

[The Interactive Poster Show] will highlight screenprinted or letterpressed materials or, hell, anything made primarily by hand but: the poster package must include all necessary elements necessary for interaction.
example: if you make charts exhibited on street corners that passersby are intended to mark, for example, ongoing acts of police brutality personally witnessed, YOU MUST ALSO INCLUDE A WRITING UTENSIL.

[The Interactive Poster Show] will show posters made exclusively by artists currently based in Chicago, IL or Providence, RI. 

- Print it, yo. And interactive it too, while you're at it.
- Posters need not necessarily feature "leftist" or even "political" content; rock show, informational, missing pet, activist, pointless, and "art" posters—as well as religious treatises and manifestos—will also be considered.
- Open only to artists currently based in Chicago, IL or Providence, RI.
- Forward the email to relevant cultural producers. If you wonder if they've gotten it, they probably haven't. I'm either new in town, if you're in Providence, or haven't been around in awhile, if you're in Chicago.
- Send JPGS of images—preferably more than one view of each—by August 1, 2008 to:, or check in to set up a studio visit. Participating artists will be notified by September 1, 2008. Final work is due no later than February 1, 2009.

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