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<nettime-ann> DOLORES residency-call for applications

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

As curator of the city run exhibition space lothringer13/laden in Munich, I would like to ask for your
network-support in order to spread the information on our residency program DOLORES

DOLORES, a 2-months artist residency for foreign artists in Munich.
Application-Deadline: 27.4.2008

Please find information on DOLORES and detailed criteria for applications
below. Feel free to forward this information to any person or institution you consider suitable

Many thanks in advance,

Maria Schindelegger


DOLORES – Residency

The DOLORES residency and work stipend is a joint project of Domagk Kunstunterstützung e.V. (Domagk art support association) and lothringer13/laden, a city-run art space promoting experimental fine arts and processual/ interdisciplinary projects. We offer a two-months residency in Munich for foreign artists.

E-mail-application deadline:  April 27th, 2008

The purpose of DOLORES is to connect experimental art, to create international dialogue and
networks. It is an opportunity to realize a project of his/her choice in the local context of Munich.

The residency-term is August 1st, 2008 - September 30th, 2008. Doku e.V. and lothringer13/laden will provide a mini-apartment and a two-months public transport ticket for Munich. In addition, the lothringer13/laden show room is available for studio work and a 10-day solo-exhibit (including a 500.- EUR project-budget, PR and opening event) by the resident at the end of September 2008.


Applicants must not live in Germany at the date of their application and need to have foreign
citizenship. Applicants must not profit from other stipends in Munich at the time of application and during residency (August/September 2008).

Applicants for DOLORES should hold a degree in Fine Arts (or equivalent education). There is no age-limit. Experimental and media-based artistic strategies, such as performance, net-art, installation, are preferred, but not required.

 The application must include a proposal for a project to be realized within the residency-term.

 During the residency in August/September 2008, we require the artist to participate in an official welcome-event in DOKU e.V. and to produce a solo-exhibition for lothringer13/laden. The resident must not work more than 10 h/week besides his/her artistic work during the residency-term in Munich.

 The stipends focus being the dialogue with the host, the candidate's ability to speak English is a prerequisite. If interested, the resident will be brought into contact with the local art scene (art academy, galleries, museums, artist community).

Artists who meet the above listed requirements are asked to send their digital applications (pdf) until April 27th 2008 to laden@lothringer13.de with the code "DOLORES-application" in the subject line of the e-mail. The application (pdf) must include: 

1. post and e-mail address, telephone number 
2. short text on your motivation (max. 1 page) 
3. short CV
4. project proposal for the residency-term and the exhibition/show (ca. 1 page)
5. 3 images of former projects to give an impression of your work

Proposals, which do not fit the form, will not be considered.

 The decision of the jury (curators from Doku e.V., lothringer13/laden and Katrin Kaschadt (Kunstraum München) as independent curator) will be announced by the beginning of May 2008.

__| lothringer13/laden \____________________
eine einrichtung des kulturreferats der landeshauptstadt münchen
lothringerstr. 13, 81667 münchen
T: +49-89-45911905 / mobil: 0152-04639424

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