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<nettime-ann> ZEMOS98 10a - BACK TO THE FUTURE - Sevilla, Spain

ZEMOS98 10a
24 / 30 March 2008
Sevilla - España

a/v concerts: The Light Surgeons, Life in Loops LIVE w/ Sofa Surfers, 
Pan Sonic, Doravideo, Orthodox + Israel Galván + Fernando Terremoto

lectures: Lisa Parks, Geert Lovink, José Luis de Vicente, Reginne 
Débatty, Eugeni Bonet, Wu Ming, Laurence Rassell, Esther Regueira, 
Tíscar Lara

workshops: Chiu Longina, Fran ilich,, Federico Guzmán, 
Blanca Calvo, Virginia Villaplana, María Pérez, Joan Carles Martorell, 
Carlos González

’It is a poor sort of memory that only works backwards (...) I can 
remember things that happened the week after next. Time flows in two 
directions... the trick is to remember forwards’. Lewis Carroll

ZEMOS98 celebrates its 10th anniversary with a BACK TO THE FUTURE. The 
future is an encounter that will change the history of the ZEMOS98 
Festival – a journey where we look at the past, live the present and 
think the future. The encounter is also an archive and a palimpsest. The 
archive is return and future. The palimpsest, future and return. And 
between them, there is space/time for new texts and questions, new 
frictions, discussions and hyperlinks.

For the past ten years, ZEMOS98 has been projecting activities in the 
area of education and communication: providing a place that allows 
people to theorise, reflect and conceptualise, but also to create, remix 
and produce.

Program in PDF:

pedro jimenez
colectivo ZEMOS98

+34 954 22 74 93
+34 658 77 31 35

Regreso al Futuro
+ info en
24 - 30 MARZO 2008 - SEVILLA
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