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<nettime-ann> THINKING SMUT - A DIY Porn Panel Discussion & Screening Session

Come check out this great talk in Montreal, Quebec, if you're in the 
area!  I'll be there talking about SiS...


A DIY Porn Panel Discussion & Screening Session

Friday March 28, 2008


Thomson House

McGill University

3650 McTavish

Room 404


Sharing is Sexy_San Diego, California

Pornopticon_Toronto, Ontario

Lickety Split_Montreal, Quebec

DIY Porn. Do you know enough to have an opinion?

It's the gender/sex/sexuality/desire matrix; it's the “it's complicated” 
drop-down label; it's the personal-is-political-is-so-called-lifestyle 

It's the space where the histories of our skin-its betrayals, its 
exotifications, its rejections, its presumed innocence, its so-called 
deficiencies and deformities-are called into question and laid bare.

For most DIY porn collectives, the act of making images is as important 
as the images they make. This 'sex' (erotica? art?) is produced and 
performed through collaborative, consensus-based work. At its best, it 
seeks to decolonize imaginations and build alternatives to the 
industry's exploitative economies, a space where sharing can be sexy.

DIY Porn. You might have an opinion. Maybe you also have an analysis, a 
collection, a habit, a fetish, a secret, a practice, an addiction, a 
worry, a desire, a vision.

Our invited panelists will share their projects and visions. These 
presentations will lead into an open discussion about 'thinking smut'.

This event will have a safe space policy. Please come with an open mind 
and open heart.

A GGFS-affiliated Event (Graduate Group for Feminist Scholarship)

Sponsored by Queer McGill & QPIRG Concordia

Further Information on Panelists:

Sharing is Sexy

SiS is a collaborative open source porn laboratory. We are a group of 
queer people, transgender people and people with othered bodies coming 
together to create a site for free porn that is licensed under Creative

Commons (BY-NC-SA 3.0). We are creating our own porn using photography, 
video, writing or any form that suits us. SiS is polyamorous so, we are 
open to new members and looking to collaborate. <sharingissexy.org>


Our Collective, evolved out of a desire to give visibility to multiple 
forms of sexuality. Our main interest lies in redefining the sensing and 
the sensed sexual bodies, and in developing a new aesthetic language 
that pushes the body past the limits of its signification through 
atypical forms of expression. For us, desire is never a single line but 
originates from bodies that are already multiple, and the collective 
itself is a way of engaging with this multiplicity. We understand our 
art as a coming together of bodies in new molecular formations. Along 
these lines, the question as to whether this will ever become a new 
(micro)politics of sexuality is not as important as the actual 
experience of sharing and coming together to keep exploring.

Lickety Split

Lickety Split is a pansexual smut zine dedicated to encouraging 
sex-positive expression and thought. The zine promotes collaborative art 
making and encourages diverse contributions to climb into bed with one 
another, because one sexual expression just does not satisfy. Lickety 
Split wants to help make the masses cum with smutty photography and art, 
essays and stories in order to fulfill the whole human being and address 
the complexity of sex.


blog: http://technotrannyslut.com

gpg:  0x5B77079C // encrypted email preferred
gaim/skype: djlotu5 // off the record messaging preferred
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